Terminis registers and reviews your website legal texts

Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy
General meetings
Sweepstakes and contests
Promotional campaigns
Protect the legal conditions of your website to make your online business more secure and to improve your conversion rate.
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Use Terminis for:
  • Prevent breach of agreements and abuses
  • Avoid penalties and fines
  • Improve your conversion rate
"Terminis.com creates the trust framework that millions of experts around the world needed in order to share their enquiries and advice. It is a critical part of our legal framework. Richard Chamorro. Co-founder. Todoexpertos.com"
Richard Chamorro. Cofounder. Todoexpertos.com
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In order to create a framework of trust between you and your customers, Terminis registers the URL you decided to protect and automatically and permanently keeps track of it. According to numerous studies, trust seals increase conversion rates and online average order volumes. Get our trust seal and start taking advantage of your business.
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Secured Content

We keep the contents of your website, online store or mobile app secure. In addition to register the contents, we also add a time stamp -validated by a certification authority- and check if it changed or not hundreds of times a day. If we detect any change in your content or discover that it is not available, we will notify you immediately.
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Endless possibilities

You can use Terminis to prove that your users authorize you to manage their data, to accredit that you provided them with the information required by law, deposit the regulations of sweepstakes, call General Meetings, prove the ownership of articles, posts, and other content on a website, amongst many other purposes. Our clients surprise us every day with the various advantages of our own technology. Find yours!
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Magic? No, Technology

All our systems are based on artificial intelligence components that are designed to make your tasks safer and simpler. Enter a URL and we will automatically detect the legal content associated with it, and classify it: terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookies, etc. You decide what contents you want to protect, even though we did not detect them initially or if they are not legal based. In Terminis we keep an automatic track of all the registered content and their different versions, in order to make your online business safer than ever.
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Pay only for what you use. The more URLs you register, the greater the discount.
189 € / URL
Per year (VAT not included)
From 2 to 5 URLs
175 € / URL
Per year (VAT not included)
Save up to 70 €
From 6 to 10 URLs
160 € / URL
Per year (VAT not included)
Save up to 290 €
From 11 to 24 URLs
146 € / URL
Per year (VAT not included)
Save up to 1032 €
25 or more URLs
140 € / URL
Per year (VAT not included)
Save more than 1225 €
URL registration includes:
Legal text and web content certification
Automatic content tracking and version generator
Internationally renowned Trust Seal
Timestamping process with forensic validity
Fast and user-friendly setup
Available for both websites and mobile apps
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