Call Online

Calling the Annual General Meetings through the corporate website is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way accepted by law.

Proof of Publication

Prove that the call or corporate announcement has been published on your website in accordance with the provisions of the law in order to avoid civil and criminal responsibilities.

Immutable Content

The law requires that the content is not modified during the publication of the call. Terminis permanently tracks your publication in order to prove that no changes occur.


The publication of the call must be accessible for free on the corporate website and include a printable version. Terminis ensures that the corporate website is public and freely available.

Publish today your corporate announcements online for as low as 14 € €!

Economic. Reduce Costs
Terminis is the most economical alternative to publication in newspapers and sending certified mail. You can save more than 500 € a year by publishing your corporate announcements online.
Fast and Easy
Post your announcements safely and avoid responsibilities in just two minutes, no computer skills needed. No installation or downloads required.
Call Report
From your dashboard you can download a legally valid report containing the information of publication of your calls or corporate announcements.
Legal Validity
We use an international online security standard system called time stamping that ensures the reliability of the registered information.
Permanent Notifications
We provide 24/7 continuous tracking of your announcement and will notify you if it is not available or has been modified during the required period of publication.
Multiple Corporate Announcements
Use Terminis for your calls for Annual General Meetings, announcements of mergers and acquisitions, public contracts and other corporate announcements.
One shot Monthly Yearly
Features 14 € / URL 40 € / URL 199 € / URL
Certification of contents published on websites or social media pages
Certification of contents in HTML, XML and PDF
Number of content certifications 1 (only at the time of the registration) Continuous certifications for 1 month Continuous certifications for 1 year
Unlimited download of content reports and certified screenshots For 1 month (*) For 1 month For 1 year
Tracking (continuous monitoring) of the content during the contracted period
Automatic comparison of changes in the content
(*) You can download unlimited reports during 1 month, but we only certificate the content that was available on the website or social media page during the registration process.
VAT not included

Publish today your corporate announcements online for as low as 14 € €!