Frequently asked questions

What is Terminis?

We offer online companies a comprehensive solution for the elaboration and management of website legal texts (terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookies policy, returns, etc)

Terminis also allows you to generate digital evidence of any content posted online on a given moment or period of time. With our technology you will be able to prove, for example, that your client or user has accepted your terms and conditions, that a competitor has copied your content, or that someone is writing about you or your company on a website or social network.

In addition, we offer you the option of using our trust seal so that you can inform your users that your contents are treated with transparency and are registered before a trusted third party.


How can I contact Terminis?

For any questions regarding our technology or our services, please email us at or call us at +34 960 500 761


Who is behind Terminis?

Terminis is led by Luis Gosálbez, co-founder and current CEO of the company. Luis is a lawyer specialized in IT and new technologies and has over 10 years of experience in the development of online businesses.

Josep Planells is co-founder and CTO of Terminis. He is an MBA & Telecommunications Engineer. He has founded several companies in Spain and Latin America, such as Avanzis and Todoexpertos.

David Zaragoza is a Terminis co-founder and a Telecommunications Engineer. He is a business angel and has founded several Internet companies such as Avanzis, Todoexpertos, Tixalia and Lucera.

Marek Fodor is co-founder and current Advisor of the company. He holds degrees in Cybernetics and Economics. He is a business angel and a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in international businesses. He is the co-founder of Atrapalo and is the current Executive Chairman of Kantox.


How can I contract the legal text drafting service?

On the landing page of the service you will find a contracting module. There you will be able to select the type of texts you want us to draft.

The texts that have an established price in the contracting module will be drafted over a period of 2 working days. Once the payment is made, a member of our team will contact you to gather all the necessary information for the writing.

It is possible that some of the texts you request have a personalized quote. In this case, a member of our team will contact you to gather all the information for the budgeting. Once you approve the quote from your dashboard and make the payment, our team will start the drafting of your custom legal texts.


What kind of legal texts can be drafted by Terminis?

Besides the default legal texts, we can offer you any kind of legal text by request. These texts will be budgeted separately and its drafting may take additional time than mentioned in this website.

Shortly, we will introduce new legal texts that we are confident can be of your interest. If you want to stay updated, please subscribe to our blog (link a blog) or visit our website regularly.


What guarantee do the texts drafted by Terminis have?

Trust us. We provide high quality legal texts designed by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the drafting of legal texts for online companies.

When will I get the drafting of my legal texts?

The legal texts that have a specific price assigned on the contracting module will be delivered within 2 business days after the payment is made. If there is not a specific price assigned, the personalized legal texts will be quoted apart by a member of our team. In the budget, we will include the estimated time for the drafting.

How is the delivery of the legal texts drafting done?

We will send you a notification whenever your legal texts are ready. From your dashboard, you will be able to access and download the texts in an HTML format, which you can paste into your website source code.

If you have questions regarding the draft of your legal texts or how to paste them into your website source code, please send us an email at or contact us at +34 960 500 761. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


How do I publish on my website the legal texts provided?

From your dashboard you will be able to download the legal texts in an HTML format, so that you can copy and paste it directly in your website source code.

We strongly recommend that you publish them in your website as soon as possible. Not having correct and updated legal texts can entail fines of more than 1.5M€.


In which languages is this service available?

As of now, the drafting of legal texts is available for texts adapted to Spanish law and in Spanish. Shortly we will introduce multiple languages and texts adapted to other legislations. If you want to be updated on our services, please subscribe to our blog or visit our website regularly.

Of what kind of content can I generate digital evidence?

With Terminis you can generate digital evidence of any kind of content posted on the Internet, such as legal texts (terms and conditions, privacy and cookies policies, sweepstakes, AGM’s calls, etc) or generic static content (texts, articles, images, etc).

Can I certify contents of third party websites?

Terminis is a quick, easy and inexpensive tool to certify the content of any website, whether your own or a third party. With Terminis you can prove, for example, if a competitor copied your content or published false information on their website, if someone is misusing a work of your property, or if an offer was available on a website at the time you contracted it.

How does it work?

Terminis is able to generate constant digital evidence of contents published on a website through the registration of URLs in our platform. Once the URL is registered, we download the HTML code -maintaining the styles- and generate a screenshot. We certify the downloaded content (HTML and screenshot) that is relevant by using time stamping technology, which ensures the reliability of the registered information.

This initial HTML extraction generates a first version of your protected content. From there, we constantly track the URL to certify the status of the content. We generate regular time stamps in order to ensure the traceability of the content and the chain of custody. Should there be a change in the HTML code, Terminis will automatically generate a new version, again assigning to it a time stamp and a screenshot. All versions of your protected content will be accessible from your dashboard.

This procedure, designed by specialized lawyers in new technologies and digital security experts, allows us to prove the full content of a website at any given time in a safe and accurate way.

All registrations have a duration of one (1) year from the contracting date and can be renewed annually.


What does it mean that Terminis generates constant digital evidence?

The technology developed by Terminis is designed to enable a permanent tracking (24/7) of any content published on a website, and to generate time stamps on a regular basis. This way you will get unlimited digital evidence that will prove the publication of content over time.

How can I register my legal texts or any other content?

In order to protect your legal texts or any other content posted on a website, you should enter the URL or web address where the content is published. For example, if you want to register Terminis’ Privacy Policy you will have to register the following URL:

Terminis can also automatically identify the relevant legal texts associated to a domain. We will process the domain through an Artificial Intelligence System based on NPL that analyzes the links on your website and displays those with relevant legal content. In order to use this feature, you should click on the button “Search for legal URLs associated to a domain” when registering a new URL. The system will automatically list the results and you will be able to decide what content you want to register.


How many URLs do I have to register to protect my website legal texts?

If all the legal content of a website is contained in only one web page or URL, then you can protect all of your texts by registering just one URL.

On the other hand, if the different forms of legal content (terms of use, privacy policy, conditions of purchase, etc) are published on different web pages, you must register all unique URLs that contain the content you want to protect.


How often does Terminis verify the content of the registered URL?

We track the status of your registered content directly on your website many times an hour. For security reasons, each HTML check takes place randomly, with a maximum frame of 15 minutes. Therefore we may review your URL four times in one minute or in one hour.

What information does Terminis register from my registered URLs?

We register the published text, full HTML, time stamps, and screenshots. Furthermore, every time that we detect a change in your HTML code, we generate a new version and a screenshot, so that you can reproduce the visual effect of your web page together with the reproduced HTML code.

How can I set the privacy of my registered content ?

Registered content may only be public if you decide to publish our trust seal on your website. From your dashboard you can choose to public none, few, or all of your content. However, whenever you set one of your registered URLs as public, all associated versions of the content will be public.

How can I access a previous version of a registered URL in Terminis?

Terminis protects and tracks the content you decide from the moment you register it. Upon the registration of your URLs, we will come back and check periodically if anything has changed. If so, we will automatically create a new version of your content, so that you can prove which applicable version was at every single moment of the life of your online business.

All your previous versions will be available through your client dashboard; furthermore, the contents –and its versions- associated with your website will be available through your public profile in Terminis if you decide so.


Can I generate digital evidence of published contents before I registered them in Terminis?

No, we can only monitor content and generate digital evidence of a website from the moment it has been registered in our platform. Therefore we cannot certify former texts or contents of websites.

How much does the service of digital evidence cost?

The price for registering and keeping track of a URL for one (1) year is 189€ plus taxes. We offer discounts from the second registry, so the more URLs you register, the greater the discount.

Also, if you contract the digital evidence service at the time of contracting the drafting of legal text service, you will get a 30% discount on our pricing.

Every registry includes:

  • Continuous tracking and certification of content (24/7) during 1 year.
  • Unlimited download of digital evidence (Content certificates, time stamps and certified screenshots).
  • Content digital evidence with international legal validity.
  • Option of using our trust seal at no additional cost.

For how long do you monitor an URL or web address?

Unless otherwise stated, all our records have a duration of one (1) year from registration. You can renew the registry every year and any time before due date.

What happens if I do not renew the registry of an URL?

If you do not renew the registration after the registration period ended, all the periodic tracking tasks will be stopped automatically. Your web page will no longer be monitored, verified, time stamped, and the trust seal (if you chose to use it) will no longer be displayed in your website. We will keep your content on our database for a period of six months, in case you return during that period. Within six months, we might delete the data in our database.

Access to data for overdue deposits may not be available online and may be subject to an additional payment.


What happens if I cancel my account?

Unlike the non-renewal, cancellation of your account is a waiver to all content you have stored on our system, so you authorize us to remove all information associated with your account in our database including active registrations and not-renewed ones.

The cancellation of the account does not give right to access or recovery of the information in the future.


What is a time stamp?

Time Stamping is a security proceeding designed to certify the status of a text, content or an application in a particular moment. In a standard Time Stamping proceeding, a third party (Time Stamping Authority) generates a series of evidence to prove the circumstances –date, time and web address- of a particular URL.

What TSA or Time Stamping Authority uses Terminis?

In order to ensure impartiality, Terminis works with different TSA or Time Stamping Authorities to generate the time stamps that prove the content and circumstances (website, backlinks, etc) of the registered URL or web page.

Why does Terminis registry have forensic validity?

The whole process of detection, registration, time stamping and tracking of the website has been designed and validated by security experts. This ensures that the results of the registry are valid, could not have been modified by us or a third party, and that the generated digital evidence –protected by a chain of custody- proves that.

What is the Terminis’ Trust Seal?

Trust seals have been designed to improve your conversion rates and increase your sales volume. Our Trust Seal can prove that a website or mobile app is reliable because legal texts are registered and monitored by an independent third party, protecting both the website/app owner and the customer.

You can use Terminis’ Trust Seal at no additional cost when contracting the Continuous Digital Evidence service.


What is the Terminis public profile page?

Clients who have decided to publish Terminis’ Trust Seal in their websites also have a public profile where the contact details are shown, as well as a list of the registered URLs or web pages. From your dashboard you can configure some or all of your web pages as private. However, if you decide to make the content of a web page public, all versions associated with it will be accessible by end users.

End users can access this information by clicking on the trust seal displayed on your website.


Where should I display Terminis’ Trust seal?

You can display our Trust Seal in all the web pages that you deem necessary in order to increase the trust of your clients on your website or mobile app. We strongly recommend displaying our Seal in the footer of the main page and in any other page in which protected legal texts and contents (Terms and Conditions, privacy policies, etc) are published.

How can I publish the Trust Seal?

In order to avoid abuse, Terminis’ Trust Seal is not an image, but an HTML code provided by Terminis through your client dashboard. You only have to copy the code and paste it in your websites’ source code. Terminis will do the rest by displaying and updating the trust seal from its servers asynchronously to avoid loading issues.

Can I use Terminis without displaying the trust seal in my website or app?

Yes, but if you decide not to display our trust seal, you will be renouncing the associated advantages such as: improving your clients’ trust in your business, which contributes to improving your conversion rates and the average volume of your online transactions.

Renouncing the publication of our trust seal also implies renouncing your public profile. All the content you will be protecting will only be visible to you from your dashboard.