How do we generate continuous digital evidence?

How do we generate continuous digital evidence?
Select the URL or web address for the contents you want to protect
Enter the URL or web address in our platform
Complete the registration process to activate the account

How does our technology work?

1. Selection of the content
In our platform, enter the URL or web address of the contents for which you want to generate digital evidence. We can produce digital evidence for any HTML content including embedded images, but we cannot produce digital evidence for videos or PDF files.
2. Generation of time stamp
Once the account is activated and the payment is done, we will download the HTML from the URL or web address provided and generate a screenshot. To give legal validity to the downloaded documents, we apply a time stamp on the code and the capture.
The time stamp is an international standard that can prove content has existed at a particular time associated with a particular web address.
3. Continuous tracking of contents
We constantly track (24/7) the web address you have registered in order to have a permanent control of the published contents and the changes over time.
4. Generation of new versions
We automatically send you a notification and generate a new version of your registered web address when a change is detected in the HTML.
From your dashboard you will see all the changes that have occurred from one version to another.

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