Digital Evidence

Terminis makes it possible to automatically generate digital evidence of any content posted on the Internet in just two minutes.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Protect your Intellectual and Industrial Property (IP) by showing proof that other websites have used your pictures, texts, trademarks, logos or other content.

Online Reputation

Generate a valid proof before authorities and courts of any comments, posts or negative content,posted online, even if the content has been removed.

Internet Harassment or Cyberbullying

Prove that bullying is occurring in social networks, websites and fake profiles with a legally valid digital evidence.

Generate now your digital evidence starting at 14 €!

Terminis is a much cheaper option in comparison to traditional certification systems. We can generate digital evidence for you for as low as 14 €.
Fast and Easy
Simply enter the URL or web page on our platform, the process takes less than two minutes. Directly from our website, without downloads or installations.
Content Certificate
From your dashboard, you can download a report certifying the website’s published content as well as a certified screen capture.
Legal Validity
Terminis uses timestamps and other security technologies that are recognized as valid by international security experts and authorities.
Continuous Tracking
Terminis provides you permanent control of the contents published on the registered website by continuously tracking the HTML.
Version Control
We automatically send you a notification and generate a new version of your registered web address when a change is detected in the HTML.
One shot Monthly Yearly
Features 14 € / URL 40 € / URL 199 € / URL
Certification of contents published on websites or social media pages
Certification of contents in HTML, XML and PDF
Number of content certifications 1 (only at the time of the registration) Continuous certifications for 1 month Continuous certifications for 1 year
Unlimited download of content reports and certified screenshots For 1 month (*) For 1 month For 1 year
Tracking (continuous monitoring) of the content during the contracted period
Automatic comparison of changes in the content
(*) You can download unlimited reports during 1 month, but we only certificate the content that was available on the website or social media page during the registration process.
VAT not included

Generate now your digital evidence starting at 14 €!