Plans for Digital Evidence Service

One shot Monthly Yearly
Features 14 € / URL 40 € / URL 199 € / URL
Certification of contents published on websites or social media pages
Certification of contents in HTML, XML and PDF
Number of content certifications 1 (only at the time of the registration) Continuous certifications for 1 month Continuous certifications for 1 year
Unlimited download of content reports and certified screenshots For 1 month (*) For 1 month For 1 year
Tracking (continuous monitoring) of the content during the contracted period
Automatic comparison of changes in the content
(*) You can download unlimited reports during 1 month, but we only certificate the content that was available on the website or social media page during the registration process.
VAT not included
Please note that if you contract the digital evidence service at the time of contracting the drafting of your website legal texts, you will obtain a 30 % discount.

Pricing for the Drafting of Legal Texts Service

  • Terms & Conditions
    259 €
  • Privacy
    179 €
  • Cookies
    79 €
  • Others
    To budget
Prices are stated for each individual text, in Spanish, and applicable to Spain. Contact us for the pricing of other texts and/or languages. VAT not included
  • Customized writing
  • Law changes notifications included (1 year)
  • Tips to comply with the law
  • New languages and countries available soon